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NSPM - Versions changelog

v0.2beta1 - 05/07/2009

- GPL release
- Full english translation
- Full XHTML strict validation
- Major cosmetic changes in overall graphics

Many installation issues
* Fix: Application startup on fresh install dit not load properly empty iptables configuration
* Fix: Iptables user-defined chain "disable" was not correctly set on both filter and nat tables
* Fix: Errors when loading application modules were not properly handled and displayed

Many security enhancements
- Unified security library for user inputs and system outputs validation
* Fix: NAT targets were not checked to be usable in requested chain
* Fix: System commands execution did sometimes return unexpected results
* Fix: $_GET and $_POST arrays were not fully secured before data display
* Fix: Session hijacking control did not regenerate properly session IDs

Various improvements
+ Add: Configuration tests are now automatically run once for fresh installations
+ Add: Interfaces list now alerts on both non-UP or non-RUNNING status
+ Add: Interfaces now shows their associated network masks and MTU
* Fix: IPv6 addresses retrieved by netstat command were skipped
* Fix: ARP cache display had some troubles with unknown MAC addresses
+ Add: Copy action button can now duplicates existing rules
+ Add: NAT address translation now accepts addresses range
* Fix: Existing mangle settings were overwritten when committing changes

v0.1 - 09/30/2006

- Initial proprietary release


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What Linux distribution do you run your Iptables firewall on ?

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