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NSPM - Project details

This project was initially designed to provide an online interface to the Linux Netfilter/Iptables firewall, and this without prior knowledge of the related CLI commands and options. Different interfaces already exist but most of them require a fresh install of a specific Linux distribution such as the well-known IPCop, need an existing Webmin-like core component, or must be run under X environment. For those who want to keep their own Linux flavor, already have a panel of services running on their gateway, or only need to easily and remotely administrate their firewall through a standard web browser, this application should fit their needs.

Technical overview


  • Fully compatible with your current Linux distribution
  • No installation nor exotic package required
  • Direct integration with Linux kernel and binaries
  • No Iptables commands knowledge required
  • Full-featured PHP5 and templates-oriented web application
  • No database, hooks or external scripts needed
  • Standards compliant and accessibility-oriented interface

Features overview


  • System health, network interfaces and services status display
  • Monitor and block current incoming and outgoing connections
  • Manage default firewall policies by chain and table
  • View, create, edit, duplicate and reorder filter and NAT rules
  • Disable rules when not needed and re-enable them later
  • Automatic composition of advanced filtering options
  • Fully compatible with classic Iptables CLI use
  • Transactional configuration with session commit and rollback

What this software is not

  • A full security product: it relies on Linux Iptables and just provides an end-user interface
  • A zero-knowledge product: networking basics and Iptables mechanisms notions required
  • A "click & play" preconfigured product: firewall rules are only yours and depend on your security policy
Last Updated on Thursday, 21 May 2009 23:10  
What Linux distribution do you run your Iptables firewall on ?

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