NSPM - Network Security & Policy Manager

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Home Roadmap

NSPM - Project roadmap

Next version

  • Built-in authentication module [done - beta2]
  • LOG and ULOG rule targets support [done - beta2]
  • Custom rules arguments input possibility [in progress]
  • Contextual help for fields and labels
  • Better summary listing of long rules arguments
  • Running system services with blocking feature

Future release

  • Negative matches on rule parameters ("!" operator)
  • Iptables packets and bytes counters display
  • Language files support and french translation
  • Web based installation and configuration

Long-term evolution

  • Common security rules wizards
  • Mangle table rules manager
  • Syslog and ULOG events display
  • Traffic shaping classes definition
  • Network traffic/alerts graphs
  • Other security services integration
  • Nftable integration (if stable release)


  • Online software demonstration (static version or virtual server)
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What Linux distribution do you run your Iptables firewall on ?

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